Sunset Overdrive

For this 'totally different' apocalyptic video game we created hypnotic pre-order emails, an interactive site full of animated gif fun, a print ad in The Stranger, and newsletter header. Let the advertising fun begin!

Click on all the ads!!! No really, do it. 

The game had this old school meets new school vibe so we spoofed the typical comic book ad page. Each ad is clickable to reveal animated GIFs which shows off the ridiculous fun that is Sunset Overdrive. 

From web to print

As an interactive agency we rarely see our work in print, but this was the perfect game and the perfect full page ad for such a medium. Thus, here it is in The Stranger--complete with a QR code. 

The seizure inducing GIF

This ad appeared right up top in one of our Xbox newsletters. We don't normally do GIFs--especially ones that might hypnotize you to buy a game--but this was a special case.